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"You are the music while the music lasts."

Gleichschritt is a impressive and dynamic DJ Duo, leading them in the past years to one of the most known and respected acts in Zürich. Besides their residency at Hive Club (Grundton), the play at all the.. [read more // Gleichschritt artist page]


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Nici Faerber

"When words leave off, music begins.."

Nici Faerber is without a doubt an uprising star and maybe "newcomer of the year 2010" in Switzerland, if such an award would be given away.  After many Gigs at Hive or Cabaret Club, his name more and.. [read more // Nici Faerber artist page]

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"If you feel music as i do, you feel pure love."

Kapara looks back on lot's of inspiring gigs in many diffrent cities, facing many diffrent crowds. His understanding of the spiritual side of the music allows him to play very innovative and mindlifting sets.. [read more // Kapara artist page]


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