Kapara looks back on lot's of inspiring gigs in many diffrent cities, facing many diffrent crowds. His understanding of the spiritual side of the music allows him to play very innovative and mindlifting sets.

After several not released productions, Kapara produced together with his friend "Amir" from Mainz (De) "Mimicry Komplex", which turned out to be a massive "floor-bomb". The track, remixed by the mastermind "Butch" from Mainz and the techno combo "Piemont" from Hamburg, immediately got strong support from many international artists. Not only therefore lot's of international bookings for clubs and festivals followed for the hard working musician. 


  • 2010 // Kapara - Naam [unreleased]
  • 2009 // Amir & Kapara - Mimicry Komplex [Suchtreflex]
  • 2009 // Kapara - Esmeralda [white]
  • 2009 // Kapara - Under and Over [white]

Kapara live @ Alte Börse

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