Nici Faerber


Nici Faerber is without a doubt an uprising star and maybe "newcomer of the year 2010" in Switzerland, if such an award would be given away. Already in the very early 20's, Nici shows exeptional skill in his choice of music. This could also be one of the reasons why a playtime of a "big name" often ends in a back 2 back session with this promising artist. Or maybe it's also because almost everyone like's Nici, since he is always in a fantastic mood and ready to party.   

After many Gigs at Hive or Cabaret Club, his name more and more has been seen in fine lineups and clubs from berlin to rome. If you're looking for one of the most talented young musicians, here he is! 

Nici Faerber live @ Seebad Enge

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