Esance Releases Overview

  inkl. Kotelett & Zadak Rmx  

  Smalltown Kollektive & David Keno
  inkl. Mihai Popoviciu Rmx

  inkl. Matt Fear Rmx

  SOAME & Tschan
  inkl. Boy Next Door Rmx

  inkl. Michal Zietara Rmx 

  inkl. David Keno Rmx

  Boj Angler
  inkl. Kevin Over & Frag Maddin Rmx 

  inkl. Visionkids Edit 

  inkl. DBMM, Jason Wallace,
  PR3SNT, Serio  

  Felipe Puertes & Robel feat. Emily
  inkl. Marco Darco Rmx

  Boj Angler
  inkl. Sarp Yilmaz Rmx

  Felipe Puertes & Robel
  inkl. Alex Celler & Kellerkind Rmx

  inkl. Mass Prod Rmx

  inkl. Markus Homm & Mihai Popoviciu Rmx

  inkl. Exercise One Rmx




  A1 - Troste - Romanesco 
  A2 - Troste - Romanesco (Kotelett & Zadak Rmx) 


Even though the one leads often to the other, fame and talent are two different things. A perfect example proving this statement is the "Romanesco EP" by the young producer "Troste". With his track "Romanesco" the yet not renowned artist manufactered nothing less than an impressive piece of music. A smoothly bassline meets a haunting melodie creating an epic tune. While listening to the remix produced by "Kotelett & Zadak", one may may ascertain, how ingeniously a rework can be done. In fact, we are simply blown away by their magnificent interpretation. Rom-anesco was not built in a day, but might last forever.   

Esance 014


  A1 - Smalltown Collective & David Keno - Do You Dance Now
  A2 - Smalltown Collective & David Keno - Drunken Panda
  A3 - Smalltown Collective & David Keno - Do You Dance Now
         (Mihai Popoviciu Rmx)

All you need sometimes is some proper teamwork! A great example hereof shall be the "Do You Dance Now EP" produced by the Swiss based act "Smalltown Collective" and the German based act "David Keno". Both artists have already released on well-known and sophisticated labels. Subsequently, it can't be really a suprise that this Ep is nothing but a manifest of mind blowing house music. Furthermore, the track "Do You Dance Now" was remixed by one of our favourite Romanian acts, namely "Mihai Popoviciu", who has managed once more to produce quite a dancefloor weapon.

Esance 013

  A1 - Definition - Looking For  
  A2 - Definition - Cosmic Room
  A3 - Definition - Looking For (Matt Fear Rmx)

What are you looking for? If it is vibrant house music, we have a rather serious proposal: This magnificent EP from „Definition“!

After a very short period of time the talented artist from Zurich has indeed found his groove. At least, his recent releases on „Hive Audio“ or the famous Berlin based label „Get Physical“ are very good examples of his luscious sound. Furthermore, his release on esance shall most likely enhance his reputation as a brilliant and creative music mind. In particular, the track „Looking For“ combines a cleverly devised basseline with a complex lead and, therefore, generates a delightful whole, whereas „Cosmic Room” is what we would consider as a one-way ticket to an outstanding melodious journey. Finally, the ingenious and UK based producer „Matt Fear“ shows with his marvellous interpretation of „Looking For“ how resourceful and sophisticated Techno Music should sound.

Esance 012

  A1 - SOAME & Tschan - Tease 

  A2 - SOAME & Tschan - Tease (Box Next Door Rmx)
  A3 - SOAME & Tschan - BeGone
  A4 - SOAME & Tschan - Sweet Kitten

  A5 - SOAME & Tschan - Brighter Side


The second release of SOAME is the result of long hours in his studio with his longtime friend Tschan. Their EP "Tease" provides new perspectives aswell as thought through tracks, from which every listener benefits. The tracks "Tease", "BeGone", "Sweet Kittin" and "Brighter Side" are nothing less than an elegant demonstration of musical possibilities within the variaty of electronic music. Since the label esance wants to be a plattform for eclectic styles of house music it fits perfectly that Boy Next Door's remix of "Tease" pursues a slightly different direction: direct, powerful and straight are some attributes that may describe his fine and distinctive interpretation of this lovely track. Five different songs, but in the composition a brilliant whole; nothing more to be said.

Esance 011



  A1 - Maxage - Vine Stock
  A2 - Maxage - Vine Stock (Michal Zietara Rmx)
  A3 - Maxage - Fresh 2 Death

The Esance 011 is an expression of the good friendship between esance and talented DJ Artists abroad. Maxage not only spinns since many years sophisticated and essential records, but is also a skillfull producer. Living in Munich he proudly can call himself a resident at the famous Club Harry Klein. The Tracks "Fresh 2 Death" and "Vine Stock" reflect his the deep understanding of house music. Happily his good friend, Berlin based and well respected colleague Michal Zietara dedicated a remix and therefore his own interpretation of the Track "Vine Stock". If this is not a secret weapon on the dancefloor, no track is.

Esance 010

  A1 - SOAME - Bitten

  A2 - SOAME - Bitten (David Keno Rmx)
  A3 - SOAME - Plow
  A4 - SOAME - Roma

  A5 - SOAME - The Source


The 10th release from Esance is coming from the promising Zürich born DJ and producer SOAME. His EP “Bitten” includes 4 tracks plus a remix from Berlin based producer David Keno. “Bitten” is a groovy and melodic track, that immediately caught the interest of David Keno. His interpretation of the track starts deep. However, due to many small and versatile elements the remix evolves to a small masterpiece. The tracks “Roma”, “The Source” and “Plow” finally indicate, what SOAME has to offer as DJ and producer in the “Tech-House”-Genre. All in all, this is a sound EP and most probably the next milestone for the swiss based label Esance.

Esance 009


  A1 - Boj Angler - Heavy Rain
  A2 - Boj Angler - Amber
  A3 - Boj Angler - Amber (Kevin Over Rmx)
  A4 - Boj Angler - Amber (Frag Maddin Rmx) 


Bremen based producer and DJ „Boj Angler“ is linked to Esance since the very beginning of the Label. And here is his second release on our imprint.
Heavy Rain“ slides in with a constant piano line, just to add more and versatile elements. Classic prophet sound is what finishes this melancholic but very dancefloor suitable song."Amber" honors the sampling culture in a refined manner and is ultimately characterized by a maverick bassline. Good for us, that the talented producers „Kevin Over“ and „Frag Maddin“ additionally wanted to contribute remixes. Kevin’s interpretation of the track reflects his well-known producing-style and calls for dancing, since he elaborately adds a new vocal shot. And then there is Frag Maddin’s version, which focuses not only on perfect drums, but also on his typical synth melodies.

Esance 008


 A1 - Dimitri - Zulu (Visionkids Edit)
 A2 - Dimitri - Raw



The Esance 008 was produced by Dimitri, a DJ who has been in business for decades and is appreciated by many of his high-profile colleagues. After numerous unreleased productions, we are proud to announce the publication of the EP Divergent. On the one hand it offers a straight techno track (Raw), on the other hand, one can find a brilliant and driving tech-house track (Zulu).

esance 007


 A1 - DBMM & Rockaforte - Showbiz 
 A2 - Jason Wallace - I am you

 A3 - PR3SNT - Newspeak
 A4 - Serio - Salvation  


It's good to have great friends, especially, when they are able to produce outstanding music. We are proud to announce, that esance will from now on release several Friend EPs, where all the local and international artists shall release versatile and substantial tracks. The first Friend EP is a mix of very different, but all talented artists. They show us the many aspects of electonical music and make this EP undeniable rich in variety. Nevertheless, you may also notice, that this Friend EP combines theese styles into a meaningful whole.

esance 006


  A1 Felipe Puertes & Robel - Indigo Life

  B1 Felipe Puertes & Robel - Steely Eyes
  B2 Felipe Puertes & Robel - Steely Eyes (Marco Darko Rmx)


After the debut last year on Esance Rec., the two young guns deliver us a fresh Ep. Funky catchy Basslines are the trademark of Felipe Puertes and Robel. Together with a 80s flavored Vocal by Emily gives that a hip moving Sound. And on top a Remix from Marco Darko, well known by his releases on Sleazy Deep, Mother Rec.

Supported by:

Kant, Purple Disco Machine, DBMM, Amir, Kellerkind, Dimitri, Monkey Safari a. m. m.

esance 005


  A1 Boj Angler - Stay Humble

  B1 Boj Angler - Rooftop Swing
  B2 Boj Angler - Rooftop Swing (Sarp Yilmaz Rmx)



„Stay Humble EP“ is the latest release of Zurich’s imprint Esance Records. The whole EP yells for spring time and is also the debut of young son of a gun Boj Angler. „Stay Humble“ has a straight attitude with an enthusiastic look on contemporary deep club sound. Further groove comes with „Rooftop Swing“. This song truly wants to be in the open air.

Additionally, the EP is blessed by a remix done by Sarp Yilmaz, who skillfully thinks outside of usual genre boundaries and shows his demands on music in detail.

Supported by:

Hanne & Lore, Superlounge, Amir, Kevin Over, Frag Maddin, Stuff, DBMM a. m. m.


esance 004


  A1 Felipe Pueter & Robel - Trough Your Eyes (Original)
  A2 Felipe Pueter & Robel - Trough Your Eyes (Dub)

  B1 Felipe Pueter & Robel - Trough Your Eyes (Kellerkind Rmx)
  B2 Felipe Pueter & Robel - Trough Your Eyes (Alex Celler Rmx) 


Groovy, chasing summer beats and full bass dominate the new esance 004. “Through Your Eyes” is the title of the latest EP that corresponds spot on with today’s flow. The two young DJs and producers “Felipe Puertes & Robel” have managed to create a small masterpiece here.

“Kellerkind”, the man presently flying high on his hits “Backflash” and “Disco on the Dancefloor” relies on a heavy bass line in his “Straight Bass Mix”, setting the peak where it must be! For all the music nerds, here’s London based “Alex Celler’s” extravagant so called “Slow Long Dub”-mix. Tracks you want to spend some time with.


Supported by:

M.A.N.D.Y, Boris Werner, Hector, Martinez, David Squillace, Paco Osuna, Milton Channels, Tim Green, Onno, Nathan Fake, Federico Grazzini, Luca Bacchetti, Sasha BBC, Nico Lahs, Benja, Reto Ardour a.m.m.

esance 003


    A1 Minimono - Rollerball
    A2 Minimono - Hey You

    B1 Minimono - Rollerball (Mass Prod Remix)



After a creative break ESANCE is answering the eternal call for high-standing, frisky, spiced-up tunes with their third release. The two soulboys from Florence called MINIMONO, consisting of Tenax resident Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci, are very well known for their crisp and unique productions, combining uptempo- house with teasingly and varied disco and funk elements.

HEY YOU is reflecting nothing else than their wide vision of a memorable and eclectic style of music. This piece of joy is impossible to categorize and thats exactly as we like it. ROLLERBALL in the other hand, kind of speaks for itself! If you ever want to get your mood rolling, listen to this very powerful outcome of a perky bassline, some haunting percussions and a kooky build up, that really nails it down!

To keep the name of Esance in honour, the addition of a remix from one of the last living rockstars was inevitable. The interpretation of Rollerball from DC10 resident MASS PROD is a vigorous weapon designed for his established territory, including hot moments, early hours and wild happenings.


Supported by:

M.A.N.D.Y, Boris Werner, Hector, Martinez, David Squillace, Paco Osuna, Milton Channels, Tim Green, Onno, Nathan Fake, Federico Grazzini, Luca Bacchetti, Sasha BBC, Nico Lahs, Benja, Reto Ardour a.m.m.

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esance 002



    A1 Benja - Rhythmslave
    A2 Benja - Timeless

    B1 Benja - Timeless (Homm & Popoviciu Remix)



Benjas erste Platte wurde im November 2009 veröffentlicht und erhielt grosszügigen Support von DJs wie Miss Jools, Martin Landsky, Ray Okpara, Fabrizio Maurizi oder Tom Clark. Nun liefert der junge Künstler aus Zürich eine EP für das stark aufkommende Schweizer Label „Esance“ ab. Der Titel „Timeless“ ist auch gleich das Programm: Stampfende Bassdrums treffen auf knackige Percussions, sexy Vocals und eine Menge Groove. 

Tracks für jene Momente im Club, wo Raum und Zeit vergessen gehen und der Rhythmus im Mittelpunkt steht. Als Sahnehäubchen gibt es obendrauf noch einen Remix von Homm & Popoviciu, welcher es, wie von den Jungs gewohnt, exakt auf den Punkt bringt.

Supported by:

Oxia, Brother’s Vibe, Chris Gruber, Dubfire, Ekkohaus, Jay Bliss, Lee Curtiss, Martin Eyerer, Nick Curly, Re-up, Someone Else, Andrew Grant, Anthony Collins, Axel Bartsch, Bloody Mary, Daniel.Fx, D.Diggler, Dj Wild a.m.m.

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esance 001



  A1 Gleichschritt - Déja Vous
  A2 Gleichschritt - Pura Vida

  B1 Gleichschritt - Pura Vida (Exercise One Remix)



Im richtigen Moment das Richtige tun. Seit vielen Jahren mischt esance in der Musikkultur mit und darf auf zahlreiche fantastische Events zurückblicken. Der Zeitpunkt ist gekommen, einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und eine neue Perle an die Kette zu hängen: das brandneue Musik-Label “esance” ist geboren!

 esance steht für grenzenlose Liebe zur Musik. Und wer könnte das besser verkörpern als der Zürcher Top-Act Gleichschritt, der seit Jahren mit innovativen und durchdachten Sets Bars, Secret Locations oder Clubs gleichermassen bedient. 2006 an der jährlichen Swiss Electronic Music Awards (SEMA) als „Best Newcomer DJ” ausgezeichnet, blieb Gleichschritt stets seiner Linie treu. Kein Wunder wuren „Déjà Vous“ und „Pura Vida“ mit viel Liebe zum Detail produziert. Mit weichen Percussions, akustischer Gitarre und verspieltem Bass trifft Gleichschritt die Töne des Sommers. Das die EP hohe Wellen schlagen dürfte, zeigt unter anderem, dass mit „Exercise One“ gleich ein etablierter Berliner Act als Remixer gefunden wurde.    

Supported By:

Brothers Vibe, Lee Curtis, Laurent Garnier, Markus Linder, Andrew Grant, Axel Bartsch, Chaton, Daniel.Fx, David Labeij, Dubfire, Fabrizio Maurizi, Freanzen Texas, Insideout, jay Bliss, Jacuzzi Boys, Jeff Samuel a.m.m. 

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